Trauma clients and all humans want to feel safe and understood in the presence of great vulnerability; they want to be listened to and heard and they seek the tenderness and forgiveness of their own selves in the process of healing.


About Me

Dr. White-Baughan Ph.D. is a seasoned psychologist with 29 years of experience in mostly private practice working with children and adults in a myriad of areas focusing on trauma such as child abuse, molestation, rape, assault, victims of crime, and domestic violence and war related response. She has taught psychology at the graduate level and about Post Traumatic Stress to international and domestic populations and in the field in Sri Lanka after the tsunami and in West Africa post civil war. Jennifer’s knowledge of trauma and recovery is a lifetime of work and her own trauma history and recovery. She uses Developmental, Attachment, and Relational Theory.




Dr. White-Baughan uses a wide variety of therapeutic techniques specifically designed for trauma but the therapeutic relationship in itself is the most potent healer. Dr. White-Baughan will create a treatment plan that works best for you. Below are a few of the many types of therapy she uses in her practice:


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Trauma Focus T-CBT


Healing Therapeutic Relationship & Laughter

Emotion Focused Tapping (EFT)


MY Philosophy

I love what I do as a psychologist and trauma specialist. My clients want to know they are lovable. I practice from the space of vulnerability as strength and resilience and growth as the potential outcome for our suffering if we are willing to embody that experience fully. I ground my work in empathy and equip myself with as many tools and as much new information and deep refection as I can. I am seasoned and efficient in my practice. We all must deal with the power of our own vulnerability and learn coping responses that serve us for our and others highest good.