About Dr. White-Baughan

Dr. White-Baughan Ph.D. is a seasoned psychologist with 29 years of experience in mostly private practice working with children and adults in a myriad of areas focusing on trauma such as child abuse, molestation, rape, assault, victims of crime, and domestic violence and war related response. She has taught psychology at the graduate level and about Post Traumatic Stress to international and domestic populations; in Sri Lanka after the tsunami and in West Africa post civil war. Jennifers’ knowledge of trauma and recovery is a lifetime of work and her own trauma history and recovery.

She has done work with high conflict divorce and parenting issues related to divorce. She did her post graduate work at UC San Diego, at the Medical School.

Dr. White-Baughan has been described by her clients as warm, creating trust and a safe place; she is a wise clinician who knows how to take her clients through healing from trauma with many tools and a deep level of discernment, commitment and expertise. She is described as intuitive and spiritually deep.

Dr. White-Baughan has two grown children; her daughter lives in Mill Valley, California and her son is in Sacramento. She loves dogs and gardens and all things sentient


My Philosophy


I love what I do as a psychologist and trauma specialist. Trauma clients and all humans want to feel safe and understood in the presence of great vulnerability; they want to be listened to and heard and they seek the tenderness and forgiveness of their own selves in the process of healing. My clients want to know they are lovable. I practice from the space of vulnerability as strength and resilience as the potential outcome for our suffering. I ground my work in empathy and equip myself with as many tools and as much new information and deep reflection as I can. I am seasoned and efficient in my practice.

When we avoid or deny our vulnerabilities we do so at our own peril for this impacts our health and all of the relationships in our lives. Living can be understood in terms of perceived loss or it can be a lesson in the power of surrender to “what is.” Reality acceptance can generate gratitude and enhance our grace of living. I have been to many places of war and cataclysms in my career (see my C.V.) and I have witnessed profound human challenge but it is in the witnessing of extraordinary resilience that I have formed my world view. Clients are in charge of their treatment outcomes and the therapeutic process is a collaborative relationship where I am the guide for their exploration and the person who works with them to make their goals both conscious, functional, and realized.

I believe we are embedded in the context of our ecological world just as we are within our families. There is wisdom for us from all sentient life, which includes plants and our relationships to the animals and each other while here. How we relate to the all of nature is a reflection, a microcosm of how we relate to ourselves and how we learn to value all of life on this planet.

Thank you for your presence here and I am grateful that you visited my site.


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handling life during and after divorce

Hear from a patient of Dr. Jennifer White-Baughan’s.

Hear from one of Dr. Jennifer White-Baughan’s patients.

“I first saw Dr. White-Baughan because I was going through a divorce. I and my ex-wife went through a few sessions with her and got some advice on how to handle the separation and what to do with respect to the kids. I thought it was coming from a place of knowledge and expertise.

After the divorce was finalized it was difficult for me to complete the separation. My ex-wife was still intruding too much into my life, we had countless arguments, and the kids witnessed many of those. At some point I realized that something had to be done about this because that kind of life is unsustainable and destructive to everyone. So I contacted Dr. White-Baughan to see if she had a few pointers for me to follow. I realized from the first session that Dr. White-Baughan had a lot more valuable insight into my and my ex’s behavior than I could hope for.

When Dr. White-Baughan had met me and my ex before the divorce was finalized she collected a lot more information about my ex than I realized. She turned out to show a lot of the borderline personality disorder traits. Dr. White-Baughan then used her observation and her incredible knowledge of people’s personalities (including mine) to guide me through the transition into my new life. She was able to point out how my behavior was contributing to the continuing conflicts and how it was feeding the borderline personality “needs”. It became clear that I had to change my behavior in order to break out of the vicious cycle. As I started visiting Dr. White-Baughan regularly, we would break down the conflicts I had and my part in enabling them. We then would discuss the plans for a similar conflict in the future. And it worked! Slowly but surely, I was able to create a more peaceful environment for my children and drove the conflicts and arguments out of my home. And I couldn’t have done it without the help of Dr. White-Baughan.

I continued working with Dr. White-Baughan even after she helped me completely separate myself from my former married life because she offered many great insights into human psychology and behavior. She has experience working with children of many ages and with different conditions, so when we discussed my kids’ behavior she would give an explanation and guidelines on how to handle various situations with them in the future. And as the time went on, Dr. White-Baughan also showed her great memory because she would recall the events that happened in the past and connect them to the present state of affairs. She’d show me how certain changes I’d made were showing results or remind me of similar events and advice she’d given me and ask if I were following it. When some things aren’t working out she will show empathy about the situation, spend time discussing and analyzing it and suggest alternative approaches. If necessary, she will be direct and emphasize sticking with the original plan. After all, even with the great guide like Dr. White-Baughan, it is still my responsibility to work on my life.

In summary, Dr. White-Baughan demonstrates great knowledge, professionalism, kindness and compassion, while at the same time being tough and direct, which helps patients stay on the road of improvement however difficult and challenging it may be.” VT, patient